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American Samoa satellite maps

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Another languages: Americká Samoa, Американское Самоа, Samoa Amerykańskie, Amerikanisch-Samoa, アメリカ領サモア, Amerikaans-Samoa, Samoa Americana, ساموا الأمريكية, Samoa Americana, 美属萨摩亚, Samoa américaines, Αμερικανική Σαμόα, Samoa Americane, 아메리칸 사모아, Amerikan Samoası, Amerikansk Samoa, Amerikan Samoa, Amerikai Szamoa, Amerikanska Samoa, Samoa Americană, अमेरिकन समोआ, Американска Самоа, Ameerika Samoa, ASV Samoa, Amerikos Samoa, Americká Samoa, Аргентина, อเมริกันซามัว, Америчка Самоа, Samoa Amerika, Američka Samoa, Samoa thuộc Mỹ, סמואה האמריקאית, Американське Самоа, Af, Az, Be, Bs, Ca, Cy, Da, Eo, Eu, Fa, Ga, Gl, Gu, Ha, Ht, Hy, Ig, Is, Iw, Jw, Ka, Km, Kn, La, Lo, Mi, Mk, Mn, Mr, Ms, Mt, Ne, Pa, Sl, So, Sq, Sw, Ta, Te, Tl, Ur, Yi, Yo

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GPS-14.235, -170.101
Average temperature28°C
Minimum temperature20°C
Maximum temperature39°C
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American Samoa satellite maps: Places around

Top picks: 01. Vaoto Marsh, 2. Ofu Airport, 3. Tumu Mountain

The most popular places

Pago Pago
Pago Pago

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