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Christmas Island satellite maps

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Another languages: Vánoční ostrov, Рождественские острова, Wyspa Bożego Narodzenia, Weihnachtsinsel, クリスマス諸島, Christmaseiland, Isla de Navidad, جزيرة الكريسماس, Ilha Natal, 圣诞岛, Christmas, île, Νήσος Χριστουγέννων, Isole del Natale, 크리스마스 아일랜드, Christmas Adası, No, Joulusaari, Karácsony-sziget, Julön, Insula Christmas, क्रिसमस आइलैंड, О-в Рождество, Jõulusaar, Ziemsvētku sala, Kalėdų salos, Vianočný ostrov, Кабо-Верде, เกาะคริสต์มาส, Божићни острво, Pulau Christmas, Božićni otok, Đảo Christmas, איי חג המולד, Острів Різдва, Af, Az, Be, Bs, Ca, Cy, Da, Eo, Eu, Fa, Ga, Gl, Gu, Ha, Ht, Hy, Ig, Is, Iw, Jw, Ka, Km, Kn, La, Lo, Mi, Mk, Mn, Mr, Ms, Mt, Ne, Pa, Sl, So, Sq, Sw, Ta, Te, Tl, Ur, Yi, Yo

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GPS-10.489, 105.629
Average temperature25°C
Maximum temperature30°C
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Christmas Island satellite maps: Places around

Top picks: 01. Dolly Beach, 2. Greta Beach, 3. Lily Beach
Top picks: 01. Flying Fish Cove
Top picks: 01. Christmas Island Airport
National parks
Top picks: 01. Christmas Island National Park
Top picks: 01. Murray Hill
Top picks: 01. Phosphat Quarry, 2. Murray Hill, 3. Christmas Island Airport, 4. Christmas Island District High School, 5. Recreation Centre, 6. Drumsite, 7. Boong Trading, 8. Tracks Tavern, 9. Kampong, 10. Flying Fish Cove

The most popular places

Flying Fish Cove
Flying Fish Cove

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