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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
When you create an account with us, you provide us with information and we would like you to know that we may collect certain information about users. Please read our Privacy Policy carefully as by visiting this website or using our services, you also agree with and accept our Privacy Policy and are bound with its terms. We will not use your personal data contrary to the provisions in our Privacy Policy.

Cookies, Identificators and Registration
When you create an account with us, we ask you to provide your personal data such as your e-mail or other identification. We need it because we have to be able to communicate with you, arrange or extend our services, send you notifications, respond to your enquiries or requests, and carry out other activities connected with improving of our services. We use cookies to help us identify you, improve your user experience, increase security and make your use of our services easier. You can control (disable) cookies in your browser settings quite easily. Detailed information can be found your browser Help section.

Login Procedure and Personal Information Processing
To log in to your personal zone within our services and website, we use your personal information (e-mail address). We need it to identify the user and make super-standard services available to them, e.g. uploading and archiving photographs, participation in discussions or posting user reviews. We do not trade, sell or share information about you and your activities to any other parties, except for partners who provide services and advertisement at this website and we carefully protect personal data against theft, misuse, alteration or damage.

Collected Information and Uses of Information Collected
We collect and protect most necessary information which we need to improve the user experience. We collect aggregate information about the websites you have visited and queries, to be able to develop the content which may be interesting for you. To collect data, third-party's applications such as Google Analytics are used. We do not collect, and we are committed not to collect any information such as health condition, religion, faith, sexual orientation, race or political attitude. By using our services and visiting our website, you acknowledge and agree that we can use the collected information in combination with information from other sources for commercial purposes, marketing or promotion, etc.

Using Third-Party Services and Advertisement
The website includes advertisements provided by third parties, for example, Google AdSense and Google may use the information about your visits at this website (but not the name, address, e-mail address or telephone number). Data are collected by means of Dart Cookie to be used for advertisement connected with goods and services you might be interested in (learn more by clicking here). The aim is to enhance the quality of advertisement, which is supported by our server. Users can disable Dart cookies here. You can learn more about this topic here:
https://support.google.com/adsense/answer/1348695 . By using our services and our website, you agree that the information about your visits can be shared with third parties that provide advertisement or other services on this website.

Our users may provide links to third-party websites. However, as we do not have any control over the content, services, information or goods ("Materials") provided by third parties, you accept that we cannot support or be responsible for the Materials or their availability, including the advertisements. Furthermore, you agree and confirm that we cannot be held responsible for any damage arising from the Materials provided by third parties (even in the event that you rely on them) and you agree and confirm that you access the Materials on your own risk.

Opt-out, Change or Termination of Services
If you ask us to delete your personal information from our systems, we will do so permanently, including the back-ups. Contact us. We reserve the right to add and remove functionalities and/or introduce limits or suspend provision of our services without reason, which will be advised to our users ahead of time. In the case that our services are terminated, we will delete all the personal information as well as the back-up records.

Exclusion of Liability
We make every effort to provide you with correct information; however, it may happen that information, analytics, graph or any other content of this website, regardless the source, is inaccurate, out-of-date or incomplete. The information on this website is designed for information purposes only and is not approved for use of any product, business meeting, sale or service related to commercial activities; thus, the information, software, products, services or other materials posted on the website, including, but not limited to the text, graphics, hyperlinks or other information or materials are provided by the server "as they are", including possible mistakes and without warranty. Both explicit and deemed warranties are excluded (within the legal scope) and you agree that you use the website and its services on your own risk.

Terms of Use

Welcome. The Globalmaps.xyz website is designed for visitors willing to agree with and accept the terms and conditions as follows. The Terms of Use are mainly connected with operation of the website, its content, use, availability as well as related themes and applications. Read these Terms carefully and note all the services and uses are governed by relevant legal regulations and related rules and standards.

Definitions and Acceptation
By using our services, you acknowledge that you agree with the definitions used in the text. Furthermore, you agree with the Terms of Use of the website, applications, services and content ("Services"). If you are under eighteen, do not use our services because they were developed only for people aged 18+; do not use our services if you do not understand the Terms of Use, if you do not agree with them, or if you are not able to read them due their unavailability or due to your rejection.

Terms of Use and Acceptation
If you access our website and our services, you agree with the Terms of Use, completely and without reservation. We may modify or supplement the Terms of Use from time to time, and without notification beforehand. If we make changes to the Terms of Use, we will provide notice through our website so that you may review the changes before you continue to use this website. Continuing to use our website and our services after we publish a notice about any changes to the Terms of Use means that you are have accepted the changes.
By using our services, you acknowledge that you accept their variety and undertake not to breach in relevant legal regulations in force, rights of third parties or our rights.
You agree that, from time to time, we may modify or change our Terms of Use, or we can suspend or cancel them if necessary due to our services or legal reasons.
- You understand that changes in our services will be communicated through the website - it is your responsibility to check the updates regularly.
- If anything in this document is found contradictory, we reserve the right to modify or change it or append additional terms.
- If anything in these Terms of Use is found invalid, ineffective or unenforceable, or if it is found so in the future, the other provisions of the Terms remain in full force and effect.
We appreciate that you use our services; however, if you do not agree with the Terms, stop using them.

Globalmaps.xyz uses unique information provided by its vendors. Within the use of Globalmaps.xyz and our systems and services, you acknowledge you will not :
- Publish false, incorrect, inaccurate, misleading, defamatory, offensive or socially pathologic updates or any other inappropriate content, including personal information
- Misuse our systems in order to collect data to distribute spam or act fraudulently
- Limit our copyright, duplicate or distribute rights or content of services or trademarks
- Collect data about users, including e-mail addresses, without their approval
- Use any automatic applications which may elicit data from our services.
- You are fully responsible for damage related to viruses deliberately spread into our systems by you, or for other damage caused by other technological means which might manipulate, steal, extract or prevent access to information, technical systems or shares in services, including third-party shares.
We have the right to cancel or not to confirm active or inactive user accounts, as well as the right to reject our services to any person, for any reason and anytime. Furthermore, we reserve the right not to publish any content provided by anybody, or delete any content posted at the Globalmaps.xyz website , without reason.

Exclusion of Liability
Despite the fact that we make great effort to provide you the content at this website which is correct, complex and up-to-date, in view of the extent of the information, it is impossible to guarantee that this information is complex, absolutely correct, accurate and really latest. This is applicable to statistic data, graphs, images, photographs etc., regardless the source. Since Globalmaps.xyz has been only designed for information purposes, the information, services, products and hyperlinks at the Globalmaps.xyz website are provided "as they are" and without warranty. Globalmaps.xyz excludes all explicit or deemed warranties (within the legal scope), including the warranty related to adequacy and suitability of information, services or products for your specific purposes.Globalmaps.xyz is not responsible for any loss or damage which could not be anticipated in good faith. Using the Globalmaps.xyz and related services or products you agree that you use them at your own risk.

The content posted on Globalmaps.xyz is protected by copyright, including the content and information provided by third parties and partners to Globalmaps.xyz. All the applications and software operated at Globalmaps.xyz is in possession of the website owner or its vendors and is protected by copyright , too.

Software Used
By using our software, you agree that we can automatically update/upgrade it in your device, especially if a new functionality is available. You are not allowed to change, duplicate, decompose, sell, trade or distribute our software without our written consent. If the software consists of "open source" segments, too, certain provisions of the licence granted to such open source may be explicitly superior to these Terms.

Permission to Use
When using our services, always follow the terms and conditions and/or their specifications for the specific part of the services. It is forbidden to abuse our services, access them if unauthorised to do so, or interfere in our services in any way whatsoever. Without our approval in writing and beforehand, you must not duplicate or copy the services (or their part), sell or trade them or use them in any other way for commercial purposes, or lease or distribute them in any way, either. It is forbidden to use our services contradictory to valid legal regulations or for illegal purposes. Never decompose the source code of the services or applications (or their parts), do not create derived solutions or translate our services if you do not have our written permission beforehand. It is forbidden to deactivate the security related to our website or services, infringe on the operation of our website or place our services, data or their operation in jeopardy by spreading viruses or any other harmful codes.

Change and Termination of Services
We have the right to change, interrupt or terminate our services, without prior notice, and you agree to check regularly the Terms of Use for changes. If we make substantial changes, we will provide notice on our website.

Consent to Advertisements
 Globalmaps.xyz shows ads provided by third parties , for example, by Google AdSense, who may use the information about your visits at this website (except for the name, address, e-mail address or telephone number). Data collected through Dart Cookie are used for ads related to goods and services you might be interested in. The aim of the service is to enhance the quality of advertisement. Users can block Dart Cookies here but before you do this, learn more information about this topic at https://support.google.com/adsense/answer/1348695 . When using our services and our website, you agree and accept that the information about your visits can be shared with third parties which provide advertisement or other services on this website.

Error Reporting
Our goal is to give you verified, current and accurate information, and we make great effort to do so. Since it is impossible to maintain an ideal or error-free database , there may be mistakes , and we need to identify them, In the event that you spot a mistake, please report it, and do not hesitate to report a piece of content which is harmful or not suitable for children.

Registration and Charged Services
Some of our services are provided for a charge or require registration. If you want to set up an account with us to have access to our services, we will ask you to provide us accurate data. We will save and administer your personal data in compliance with our terms and conditions for protection of personal data and privacy. Furthermore, we reserve the right to reject a request for user account, close an existing account or terminate a charged service without reason.

Application of API Licence
We usually provide API licence for individual use with a specific part of our services. You agree that you must not sell, trade or duplicate your licence and technical solution, and that you must not decompose, make unauthorised changes or try to influence the source code or the database in any way; your API cannot be commercially used unless you have a written permission from us, or unless such a permission is included in the specific terms of use of the API licence. You accept that we can change or modify the API licence without notice or your permission provided beforehand. Furthermore, you agree that we can suspend or terminate the API licence at any time. In the case that we make any significant changes in the API licence and its uses, we will provide notice on our website.

Personal Data
We collect certain personal data when you create an account with us, or to recognise you as the user, support your user experience, let you use super-standard services or provide you with charged services. Before using our services, you are asked to agree with collecting such necessary data, which is described in the section dealing with our privacy policy. Do not use our services in the event that you do not agree with the Terms of Use.

Any and all trademarks displayed by Globalmaps.xyz in relation to the content, services, applications and solutions provided by third parties are held by their owners and are subject to legal protection and terms of use introduced by the specific right holder. The trademarks or service marks must not be used contradictory to legal requirements.

Third-Party Websites and Services
Our services or content can include materials provided by third parties, of which we do not have any control, and you agree and accept that we are not responsible for availability of these. We cannot provide any guarantee related to such content, either. You understand that it is not possible to check online applications and use of third-party APIs in real time, inappropriate content may appear. Therefore we declare that if we use a material provided by third party, it does not necessarily mean that we agree with its content, and y accept that we cannot be held responsible for any damage or other detriment originating from your reliance on materials and services provided by third parties. You use such materials at your own risk. If a third party provides inappropriate content, the cooperation with the Globalmaps.xyz will be terminated immediately.

Your Content within Our Services
If our services allow uploading your content onto Globalmaps.xyz, you agree that the information provided in this way remains your property and you are responsible for such content. If you upload or submit your content to Globalmaps.xyz, you provide us with a licence for use of the content at Globalmaps.xyz and within the network of partner websites or applications, which also includes mobile applications, without any compensation unless otherwise specified for the specific service. Thus, besides the use, the licence also includes reproduction, adjustment, communication, distribution, operation and public presentation or promotion, as well as use in order to improve services or develop new ones. The licence is permanent and survives termination of use of our services, and we are allowed to use your ideas or suggestions to improve our services, which does not constitute any obligation or performance on either side.

You agree and accept that any communication, including information, contracts or other communication will be electronic. By using our website, also you agree and accept that we will send you e-mails, which will not disturb your right for privacy protection.

Information Validity
The Globalmaps.xyz website provides information and services for information purposes and we would like to accentuate that we provide information in good faith, making our best to provide you the latest information. Anyway, we cannot guarantee that the information is complex, accurate and up-to-date. You agree and accept that we cannot be held responsible for any detriment arising from use of the information.

Commercial Use of Our Services
If you want to use our services and information use in a commercial way, for instance, as an institution or corporation, you need our written permission, unless it has already been explicitly provided within the specifications of the service or API licence. If you use our services on behalf of a company, it is deemed that the company has accepted the Terms of Use. You are obligated to comply with international local legal regulations. Our permission to use our services commercially is given without prejudice to any subsequent claims for compensation for damages derived from your illegal conduct, especially due to breach of our terms or legal regulations. We can claim compensation for our expenses connected with loss, damage, court proceedings or resolutions, legal fees, costs of lawyer services or other damages caused to us, including damage or loss arising from, for example, termination of cooperation with a third party in consequence of your conduct.

Children and the Underage
Due to the nature of the services provided, we do not offer our information and products to children so f you are under 18, do not use this website's products without presence of your parent or guardian. This clause does not affect the provision on protection of content at Globalmaps.xyz, we control the content on this website to prevent posting any content inappropriate for children, and if you discover any inappropriate content, report it to us.

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Our team created a different look at any place in the world. We combine a our own databases of points of interest, combine them with publicly available data sources related to cities, and that's how another travel guide was born. If you are looking for the best place for living, or just need a shorttime vacation, maybe we can help you to find the best place for you.

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